How to use

Start earning up to 64% per month right now. Here are 5 simple steps to start mining cryptocurrency.

Step 1

After registration, you will be credited with 10 GH/s for the TRON mining test.

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Step 2
Make your first deposit and get personal bonuses.

Get free 200 GH/s for mining TRON. Make a deposit from $5 and the bonus will be automatically credited.

Step 3
Buy hashrate and earn up to 64% per month.

You can mine 6 cryptocurrencies on the Bitonox platform. After making a deposit, you can buy hashrate and earn with us.

Step 4
Mine offline

After purchasing hashrate, your mining will be automatically launched. Since our mining works offline, this does not require the site to be always open.

Step 5
Withdraw earned funds

You can transfer funds from mining to your wallet at any moment. The funds will be credited during the day.